As much is the need of mobiles, so is the need of mobile chargers. How can anyone live without food, be it a living being or any technology. Without fast charger , any mobile, of any make is dead. What is more important is that all the makes have different chargers, so no Motorola mobile charger can charge Nokia mobile phone.

Recently a magic charger has been introduced which charges the batteries by taking them out of the mobile phones and set these batteries according to (+_ ) nodes’ settings. This charger is compatible with 3-4 companies and not with all. So it is always recommended to use an exclusive charger for your mobile phone.

With the advent of car chargers, people have found some solace in charging their mobile, in case they forget to charge them at home. Also due to excessive use of mobile phone the battery gets discharged frequently so the handy car mobile chargers come into action and provide solace.

Many companies install their chargers in some prominent locations of the large cities. Since these chargers are not handled properly, they get damaged most of the times. It’s really disgusting that the things installed for the public is itself broken by the public.

Personal mobile chargers carry an utmost utility for the mobile users. As soon as the mobile is purchased, get into the habit of charging your mobile phone or the caller will keep on calling and you will not be able to take the calls, unnecessarily.

One thumb rule is to carry your charger along with you, anywhere and everywhere. This needs a great deal of remembering ability. Once forgotten and never can you get the mobile charger back. In offices also if one forgets the mobile charger, looses it forever, until he/she purchases a new one.

Another option to avoid emergency is to have two sets of mobile chargers, one at home and the other at the work-place.