How to Pick the Correct Projector For Your Home Theater

You are finally making the jump into the holy grail of home theater movie screens; the leading projection system. There’s nothing else that produces that really large, impressive video picture like a front projection system. It’s the way you get that real cinema experience in your house theater. Home theater projector costs have plummeted in the past few decades, and also the dimensions of the units have shrunk directly along with the costs. No longer do need to live with a coffin sized box onto your ceiling. As sizes have decreased, the image quality and brightness have really improved dramatically. You will notice image brightness and quality are two distinct issues.

How do choose the correct home entertainment projector to your application in the plethora of projectors on the market today? To start with, there are two major projection technology categories, analog and digital. Analog projectors are derived from CRTs, a mature technology that’s been around for decades. Those would be the projectors with the distinct red, green and blue picture tubes along with three lenses on the front. These projectors have a single lens on front. Each type of electronic projector has it’s benefits too.

You need to assess your specific requirements in order to produce the appropriate choice. First of all, look at the room. Can it be a dedicated home theater or a multi use area? Do you have total charge of the light? What aesthetic concerns are you currently coping? What’s your projector funding? How big of an image would you like? Do you see primarily DVD films, TV films, sports, or other TV programming? What specific source components will you be using along with your own projector now or in the future? budget projector , or are different concerns, such as sound, size or brightness more significant? Are you installing the projector yourself, or are you currently hiring a custom installer to perform the setup for you? Where must the projector be put? Can you get the required video and control cables to this location? These questions should be answered to make sure you get the appropriate projector for your home theater. If you’re using a customized installer, they’ll take into account these variables and specify the proper unit for you.