Be it MP3 players or home theaters, the active noise selling headphones have always dominated under the audio category. When the choice of headphones comes you often fall into a dilemma. So here are some of the best noise cancelling headphones availing which will simply mesmerize your senses. We kick off with Bose Quiet Comfort 3.Its the leading noise cancelling headphone that steals the show from all the contemporary competitors. Although expensive, the Bose Quiet Comfort 3 headsets deliver unmatched sound quality unlike any other headphone. This new Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphone comes in the form of a compact, on-ear design.

The JVC HA-NCX 77 headphones too capture a strong position amongst the best noise cancelling headphones. Featuring a unique blend of contoured canal design and noise canceling circuit, the JVC HA-NCX 77 offers incredible sound quality. You can reduce the unwanted sounds up to 80%. Known for its excellent bass response, the JVC HA-NCX 77 too brings on a monitor function that lets you to hear in-flight announcements. The kit composes a dual-prong airplane adapter and an adjustable carrying case with numerous pockets. It’s one of the best headphones known for its stylish look.

The MDR-NC60 headphones occupies the next place amongst the best noise cancelling headphones. Having launched as an upgrade to the previous model MDR-NC50, MDR-NC60 has the capacity to cancel up to 85% of the ambient noise. It has an integrated monitor switch, and its swivel ear-cup design helps the listener to let them on for hours. Another sensational and high-parametric noise canceling expertise is the Logitech Noise Canceling Headphone. Equipped with soft ear cushions, the Logitech Noise Canceling Headset can perfectly cancel up to 92% of the unnecessary background noise. Well, these headphones are compatible with iPods, CD players and MP3 players including other audio devices.

Grab the light-weighted Sennheiser PXC 300. Its advance technology enables the user to eliminate a good deal of loud engine noise coming out of the jet engines during the flight. You can always carry the Sennheiser PXC 300 noise canceling headphone amidst noisy environments. Moreover, the protective soft case makes it fine for easy storage and transportation. One of the best noise canceling headphones, Sennheiser PXC 300 comes with 2 adaptors, a stereo jack and a 3.5mm double mono jack. The Sony MDR-NC22 noise canceling headphones on the other hand serves as the perfect option for some high-quality music. Noise Cancelling Headphones , Sony MDR-NC50, Sennheiser PXC 250, JVC HA-NC100 etc are some of the leading noise canceling headphones.